For several years, I have been analyzing the revolutions that are transforming capitalism and the international system of the 21st century. This is not the end of history – history is being made faster. Beneath the increasing number of crises, major transformations are taking place : the universalization of capitalism, the arrival of the age of data, the return in force of national and religious passions, and the reawakening of empires and of war.

Both the nature and the intensity of risks are changing. But our expectations are not diminished, whether in terms of new sources of growth, the improvement of education and health, or the recognition of humanity’s common assets.

The rate of upheavals in the world means that the two political structures that are the basis of the modern way of life – The State and the West – are being put in limbo. In particular, it is destabiliizing our democracies. We must therefore invent new institutions and new rules for nations and for the open society, in which people are united by the economic system and by technology but live in profoundly different cultures.

I am not resigned to any crisis in democracy, to the disintegration of Europe or to the decline of France. None of them is in any way a foregone conclusion. Everything that has been destroyed by disastrous political choices and by irresponsible leaders can be recovered by means of ambitious reforms and by the new generations.

My guiding principles are clear: to be true to reality, including with regard to France; not to confuse how things are with how one would wish things to be; and to put thought at the service of action.

I believe in the force of ideas; for better or for worse, they provide history with its dynamic. I maintain a faith in democracy and its ability to take up the global challenges of an open society. I am convinced that individuals are the ultimate bastions of liberty and the driving force for change.

To paraphrase Voltaire, it could be said that “the most useful websites are those to which readers contribute half”. I therefore leave it up to the readers to do their job and continue the dialogue leading on from the texts brought together on this site.

Nicolas Baverez

Nicolas Baverez