To take things lying down or to be free: We have to choose!

For several years, I have been analyzing the revolutions that are transforming capitalism and the international system of the 21st century: an aging population, globalization, digitalization, ecological transition and the return of national and religious passions. It has to be said that history has not ended; it is picking up speed.

Democracies are being caught in a crossfire and are facing a life crisis the like of which has not been seen since the 1930s. On the international front, the Jihadist movement is spreading worldwide and restructuring itself in the form of a social network at the very heart of developed societies. We are seeing the rise of démocratures (combinations of democracy and dictatorship), modeled on Vladimir Putin’s Russia, which intend to provide an alternative to Jihadism. And a watered-down version of these démocratures can even be seen within the European Union, in the liberal democracies of the Visegrad group. On the domestic front, the pressure of populism is eating away at democracy. Demagogues are worsening all the evils that they condemn but manage to avoid being sanctioned for their failures by playing on collective fears.

Democracies must rearm themselves not only militarily but, above all, politically, intellectually and morally. Our nations must be rebuilt, by means of inclusive growth and a tremendous effort in the field of education. There is an urgent need to restore the unity of Europe and the West by reasserting our common values and common destiny.

I am not resigned to any crisis in democracy, to the disintegration of Europe or to the decline of France. I am convinced that individuals are the ultimate bastions of liberty when this comes under threat.

This site is an extension of my books and editorials and aspires to be a complement to the ideas expressed in them.


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